Photoshop and Photography Seminar – VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE
Teacher: Illargi Dover

The next course begins on April 1st, 2018 at 12NOON SLT

The fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop will be taught.
It will be a five class course, with a length of 90 minutes each.
The schedules will be fixed with the students to find the best option for all of them. We won`t accept more than 4/5 students per course, to facilitate the learning process.

The course will have 5 levels:

1- Basic knowledge of photography in SL. Graphic configuration preferences and the use of advanced lighting at sl.
2- Images resolution and file types for optimal working base.
3- Learn the basics of Photoshop. Introduction to the tools and practical functionality.
4- Learn how to set up your work environment, open files and perform various editing functions (Editing a photo cropping it, duplicating and adding external elements). Examples of editing in the world of artistic photography and blog on Second Life.
5- Understand the color correction, layers, levels, blends, masks, actions, brushes. File types and important information related to the work in Second Life.

After classes, a final task will be given to ensure that each student learned the necessary tools and knowledge for success in their work with Photoshop editing tools.

Photoshop CS6
It is required to have completed the course and the final exam to graduate at the seminar. If you graduate, you will be receiving a diploma from VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE.

Price: 7000 Lindens

*** Interested people can send their application form through our webpage

TO ENROLL Enrollment Versus High Modelling Institute

After checking the enrollment and receiving the payment, group invitation will be sent.

For more information, contact to Shena Neox or YeriakTH Couturier.