In recent years the world of blogs has become an essential tool for most models and stylists of SL. This Seminar is oriented to be a good fashion blog and take the best pictures for a blog in SL. Requirements to be a great blogger (creation of a blog, structure, organization, give your own personality, use of social networks). Photography is undoubtedly the best tool to make our work known. Use of extremes, the creation of spotlights, use of our own poses in sims that do not allow for rez, improvement of the rendering of objects, saving of camera angles and everything you need for the best picture for your blog.

Duration: 4 weeks

First Meeting and Information Seminar. 

Instructor: Illargi Dover.

Class schedule:

COST OF THE ENTIRE COURSE: 4500 L$ please pay the fee of the course to the avatar: VersusModellingInstitute

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