Versus SL, was born as virtual fashion magazine in SL, to grow and develop, during this period ,  into a group that deals with  activities related to fashion, lifestyle and trends inside SL.

Currently VERSUS SL has the following areas:

Versus SL Magazine.
Versus SL High Modelling Institute.
Versus SL Modelling Events.
Versus Espacio de Arte.
Versus SL Fashion Blog.


The purpose of Versus SL Magazine is to show the latest trends in fashion, based on latest RL Fashion Weeks,  from the point of view of the designers of Second Life. This magazine will be released seasonally with 2 Publications (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) or Special Editions in the year, distributed via in-world kiosks and Versus SL Magazine at For more information about the magazine, Click HERE


This is a new concept of Modelling Academy,  dedicated to the high level teaching and to the ones, who are interested to join to  the modeling fashion world . The  primary goal is giving to the students a complete knowledge with basic concepts, technical aspects and current vision of the SL Fashion World.
For more information about the courses, dates, teachers and rates, click HERE


For all the shows and the events created by the Versus Team.
Owner: Shena Neox
CEO: YeriakTH Couturier

VERSUS SL is always friendly in spreading events, concerning fashion in Second Life, to help people who want to pursue a career in the world of fashion and help designers in their business.