Information about our course to prepare you for the world of fashion in SL.


The next course begins on September 2018.

VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE, is a model academy dedicated to the high-level teaching and to the ones who are interested in joining the modeling fashion world and fashion shows.

Its primary goal is to give the student a complete knowledge of basic concepts, technical aspects and current vision of the Fashion Star System.

We know that the practice means a lot and it’s quite important for a modeling career, for this reason, we ask our students some specialized and practical workshops concerning the fashion world.

At the end of the course our students will reach the required level for modeling and be able to understand the different styles that can be required for future job or casting, they will also reach a general point of view of all the activities that follow the Second Life fashion world, helping them in find the best strategy for achieving their own goals.

All this will be offered by our best international models, top models from the best agencies in SL and with extensive and proven experience in the field of education.

  • The courses in VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE will be particular and individual for a better follow-up and coordination with the student.
  • The dates and times of the classes will be scheduled before the beginning of the course. If more than 2 classes are lost, you will not be able to access the final exam.
  • VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTEreserves the right to change teachers or day and time in case of force majeure.
  • In case that one student decides, once that have started the course, to leave it, the VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE will not refund the price of the course, but you can apply again in the following course with no other costs.


You have to be at least older than 6 months in SL. This is for obvious reasons: we need students that would be able to edit and have the basic information about the viewer, enough to know what we’re talking about in our class.

Be educated, discreet and formal.

Pay attention in class and respect all the established schedules.

COST OF THE ENTIRE COURSE: 13.500 lindens. Please pay the fee of the course to the avatar: VersusModellingInstitute

The classes will have a duration of 2 hours.

After each course, the students will undergo an examination where they will properly apply all the knowledge acquired during the course and they will receive their diploma after completing it.

Students who pass the test will have their graduation show that will be annual for students of the 2 courses.Students who fail the examination may repeat those classes they needmay repeat the course at no cost.

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