Heat of the summer.

╰☆╮Heat of the summer.╰☆╮

Fashion Style| Hypnose╰☆╮Dolores lace╰☆╮
Poses| Lush Poses @ TWE12VE╰☆╮Heat of the summer ╰☆╮
Accessories| =Zenith=╰☆╮Rattan sun hat & basket.╰☆╮
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It Is Spring!!

Oh yes. It is Spring !!

… y derrepente ella apareció en medio del jardín, con sus alas extendidas y vestida de tules y flores. Y exclamó “Oh. Sí. Es Primavera!!”

… and suddenly she appeared in the middle of the garden, with her wings outstretched and dressed in tulle and flowers. And he exclaimed “Oh, yes. It is Spring !!”

Oh yes. It is Spring !!

Créditos / Credits
***GIULIADESIGN***FAIRY (jewellery, elf ears, flower attachments, wings & dress)–>TWE12VE
[elikatira] – [e] Kabrina
7 Deadly s[K]ins – SPRING omega FACE&BODY caramel –> Spring Flair, April 7th – 28th.

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╰☆╮Let me Dream a While╰☆╮



No Match @ The Boho Culture Fair╰☆╮No Candy╰☆╮
Furtacor╰☆╮Karol set╰☆╮
Lush @ Twe12ve╰☆╮Evil mini╰☆╮
Luane’s World Pose @ Très Chic╰☆╮Let me Dream a While╰☆╮

L’Art est une démonstration dont la nature est la preuve.

╰☆╮L'Art est une démonstration dont la nature est la preuve╰☆╮


Jumo ╰☆╮Alethea gown╰☆╮
LUSH Poses @ TWE12VE╰☆╮Sizzle╰☆╮

*LODE*╰☆╮Philadelphus Collection╰☆╮