Jewels| JUMO Originals @ Cosmetic Fair╰☆╮Roxanne Jewelry╰☆╮
Dress| La Perla @ Ultra Event╰☆╮Charlotte Babydoll╰☆╮
Hairs Style| Besom @ C88╰☆╮Wok <3╰☆╮

Poses| Shadow’s Poses╰☆╮Alright╰☆╮


Your life will be better…

╰☆╮Your life will be better when you realize it's better to be alone than chase people who don't really care about you.╰☆╮

Zuri Rayna Jewelry╰☆╮Sugardrop set – Merlot, Peridot, Topaz – necklace & earrings.╰☆╮
Avada @ The MakeOver Room╰☆╮Melantha Lips╰☆╮
Furtacor╰☆╮Martha set╰☆╮
Shadow’s Poses╰☆╮Alone╰☆╮


╰☆╮Little Girl╰☆╮

Kaithleen’s @ The Epiphany╰☆╮Lightning Sheer Rare╰☆╮
Shadow’s Pose╰☆╮Little Girl╰☆╮