Jewels| JUMO Originals @ Cosmetic Fair╰☆╮Roxanne Jewelry╰☆╮
Dress| La Perla @ Ultra Event╰☆╮Charlotte Babydoll╰☆╮
Hairs Style| Besom @ C88╰☆╮Wok <3╰☆╮

Poses| Shadow’s Poses╰☆╮Alright╰☆╮


Chill your mind.

╰☆╮Chill your mind.╰☆╮

Home & Garden| Pink Magic @  Swank╰☆╮Tropical welcome decor & Surfing board floating╰☆╮
Swimsuit| La Perla @ The Suicide DollZ╰☆╮Davina bikini╰☆╮
Hairs| Besom

Legacy of Athena

╰☆╮Legacy of Athena.╰☆╮

La Perla╰☆╮Della bikini╰☆╮
K-tarsis @ [SWANK]╰☆╮Legacy of Athena╰☆╮
HeartsDale Jewellery @ [SWANK]╰☆╮Summertime╰☆╮

Terre de sienne..

╰☆╮Terre de sienne..╰☆╮

La Perla @D23╰☆╮Madona set╰☆╮
Lush╰☆╮Bunny tattoo & Erotic thought Pose╰☆╮
*LODE*╰☆╮Phoebe (rare)╰☆╮
Astralia╰☆╮Margarita mooth╰☆╮
Elise╰☆╮Margherita bento rings╰☆╮
Cazimi╰☆╮Hello spring nails╰☆╮
Ohmai╰☆╮Sofa╰☆╮(old hairs not in sold)╰☆╮

Don’t try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.

╰☆╮Don't try to be perfect, just try to be better than you were yesterday.╰☆╮

La Perla @ The Darkness Monthly Event╰☆╮Julia lingerie╰☆╮
*LODE*╰☆╮Eucalyptus & Roses╰☆╮
SamPoses╰☆╮Shttt╰☆╮ (pictures 2 & 3)╰☆╮
LAQ╰☆╮Bento Motion Capture Vivien w/shape LAQ Vivien w/ LAQ applier Sophia╰☆╮