The lux.

╰☆╮The Lux╰☆╮

Fashion Style| .:JUMO:. @ On9╰☆╮Bronte Dress Roses ╰☆╮
Hairs Style| JUMO Fashion╰☆╮Kroes hairs╰☆╮
 Photo BoothFoxcity @ Vanity╰☆╮The Lux╰☆╮

Jewels Style| Torricelli╰☆╮
Poses| Le Poppycock╰☆╮On edge╰☆╮

Chill your mind.

JUMO Fashion╰☆╮Denver Sandals and Handbag╰☆╮
Avada @ The Applique╰☆╮Lolita╰☆╮

                                           Le Poppycock @ Ultra╰☆╮Minor obsession╰☆╮


I wish I could know…


╰☆╮I wish I could know...╰☆╮

AGATA Mode @ Kurenai╰☆╮Kagura boots╰☆╮
JUMO Fashion @ eBento╰☆╮Yohanna Skin Vista/Omega/Classic w/LAQ Rina bento motion capture╰☆╮
Jumo Fashion╰☆╮Christy lips – Christmas Gift.╰☆╮

FABIA Mesh Hair @ Sanarae╰☆╮Judy╰☆╮
LAQ ╰☆╮Bento Motion Capture Rina╰☆╮


What truly matters

╰☆╮What truly matters.╰☆╮

Jumo Fashion @ Yin Yang ╰☆╮Jolie Gown w/earrings & necklace╰☆╮
JUMO Fashion╰☆╮Khloe Hairs╰☆╮
DS’ELLES @ 4 Mesh╰☆╮Eyeshadow Serie 5 & Seduction Lipstick Omega & Catwa╰☆╮
Luane’s World Poses @ Très Chic╰☆╮What truly matters╰☆╮


Scars to your beautiful.

╰☆╮Scars to your beautiful.╰☆╮

DS’ELLES╰☆╮Sasha w/ Sasha Shape w/Catwa Lona Bento head╰☆╮

                                             JUMO Originals╰☆╮ Avalon necklace╰☆╮

                             Avaway @ The Chapter Four╰☆╮Meow Rings Gachat set╰☆╮

                                      Fabia Mesh Hairs @ Industrie Event╰☆╮Pola╰☆╮

                                         euphoric╰☆╮Sophie eyes applier for Lelutka & Catwa╰☆╮

                               ::SG::╰☆╮SlackGirl Ligya Mesh Nails for Maitreya & Tuti hands╰☆╮

                                                           Swallow╰☆╮Elf ears╰☆╮

                                    Luane’s World Poses @ Très Chic╰☆╮Scars to your beautiful╰☆╮

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