Here, sits the Queen.

╰☆╮Here sits the Queen╰☆╮

Fashion Style| LB @ Access╰☆╮Fatpack duo╰☆╮

Tattoo Style| k-tarsis @eBento╰☆╮Tribal 03╰☆╮
Hairs Style| Fabia╰☆╮Ronda╰☆╮
Poses Style|  FMS Poses╰☆╮ 527 & 522╰☆╮

L’heure du thé.

Furtacor╰☆╮Brianna ╰☆╮
Le Poppycock @ Enchantment╰☆╮Just Alice – Forever teatime╰☆╮
Fabia Hairs @ Très Chic╰☆╮Una╰☆╮

The mystery of feminine.

╰☆╮The mystery of feminine.╰☆╮

[[MASOOM]] @Kinky Event╰☆╮Bambi Top╰☆╮
Fabia Hairs @ The Gacha Guardians╰☆╮Karina╰☆╮

                                                     K-tarsis╰☆╮Daughter of Gaia╰☆╮

                                                    [MANDALA]╰☆╮Obi Bow shoker╰☆╮


                                                      Lelutka╰☆╮Bianca head Bento mesh╰☆╮