Les fleurs d’hier sont les rêves d’aujourd’hui..

╰☆╮Les fleurs d'hier sont les rêves d'aujourd'hui.╰☆╮

Fashion Style| Kaithleen’s @ Fameshed╰☆╮Kaithleen’s Striped Ribbon╰☆╮
Fashion Style| Toksik @ C88╰☆╮Selva top floral╰☆╮
Hairs Style| Tram╰☆╮ H0426╰☆╮
Poses Style| Le Poppycock╰☆╮Minor Obsession╰☆╮

Here, sits the Queen.

╰☆╮Here sits the Queen╰☆╮

Fashion Style| LB @ Access╰☆╮Fatpack duo╰☆╮

Tattoo Style| k-tarsis @eBento╰☆╮Tribal 03╰☆╮
Hairs Style| Fabia╰☆╮Ronda╰☆╮
Poses Style|  FMS Poses╰☆╮ 527 & 522╰☆╮

Whispers on the wind.

╰☆╮Whispers on the wind.╰☆╮

Fashion Style| LB Mainstore╰☆╮Ornella╰☆╮
Hair Style| Tableau vivant╰☆╮Whispers on the wind╰☆╮
Accessories| *Tentacio* @ Kustom9╰☆╮My food yoghurt╰☆╮
Poses| EmozionE Poses╰☆╮Beachtime 2╰☆╮

Fellini Couture

╰☆╮Fellini Couture.╰☆╮

Fashion Style| Fellini Couture╰☆╮July group gift╰☆╮
Accessories| Persefona @ Versus Event╰☆╮ Butterfly wings & Fairy Butterflies╰☆╮